New Drug Trial Aims To Prevent Alzheimer’s Before It Starts

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Researchers will test an experimental drug that could prevent Alzheimer’s disease in people who are genetically slated to develop Alzheimer’s disease but have yet to exhibit symptoms

As part of the National Alzheimer’s Plan, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded a $16 million grant to Banner Alzheimer’s Institute in Arizona to fund the Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative (API), which will study whether a plaque-fighting treatment can prevent the disease. The trial will take place in Medellín, Colombia as well as select sites in North America. The majority of the study participants will come from an extended family of 5,000 people living in Medellín who are considered part of the world’s largest family affected by Alzheimer’s. The New York Times reports the family members have a specific genetic mutation that causes symptoms of cognitive impairment around age 45, then full dementia around age 51.

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