We need support services

Alzheimer; News from the web:

Caregivers are “killing themselves” to help patients. Here is what recent research shows:

What the study found is that there is an overwhelming need for support services such as respite and home care, adult daycare, companion services, and parallel doctor’s visits.

Caregivers to those suffering with Alzheimer’s perform daily living activities, such as hygiene, dressing, feeding, shopping, household chores, meal preparation, and transportation.

They help with medical needs, manage finances, keep a constant watch on behavioral changes or safety concerns. This often leaves little time to pay attention to their own needs and health issues.

The study showed that 60.6 percent of participants delayed treatment and 58.6 percent had worsening medical conditions.

These conditions included depression, stress, blood pressure, anxiety, and physical pain, including arthritis.

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