New research details how Alzheimer’s starts

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Past research, mainly performed on animals, suggested the aggregates form in one region then spread throughout the brain, much like how cancer spreads.

The new study suggests that while such spread may occur, it’s not in fact the main driver of disease progression.

“Once we have these seeds, little bits of aggregate throughout the brain, they just multiply and that process controls the speed,” said Meisl.

An analogy from the COVID pandemic is how travel bans between nations generally proved ineffective at stopping the spread of the virus, because it was already replicating within the countries trying to keep it out.

The team was also able to determine the time it takes the aggregates to double in number — roughly five years. That is an “encouraging” figure, said Meisl, because it shows the brain’s neurons already are good at countering aggregates. 

“Maybe if we can make it just a tiny bit better we can significantly delay the onset of serious disease.”

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