Mama Is Still Here

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Book Bio:
“Mama Is Still Here!” chronicles the life of Daisy, an accomplished and educated African-American woman who was raised in the Mississippi during segregation. Known by her family and friends for her swagger and confidence, Daisy was always everyone’s favorite aunt, sister and friend. With the onset of Alzheimer’s this vibrant woman starts to see her life spiral out of control. The book is written from Roberts’ perspective as Daisy’s adult son. Through the pages of the book Roberts details the difficult process the family went through to deal with the devastating diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. Roberts shares each family member’s struggle with grief, anger and denial, including his own and shares his memory of his beloved mother both before and after her diagnosis. In an attempt to help others struggling with caring for loved ones diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Roberts ends each chapter of his book with a passage from scripture and an appropriate prayer that convey the tone of each chapter and that help readers cope with their daily struggle.

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