Alzheimer’s Disease Imaging Agents

News from the web:

Three of the late-breaker studies (dubbed “Emerging Science” in the meeting program) address imaging agents for detecting beta-amyloid plaques in the brains of live patients.

One such product, florbetapir (Amyvid), was just approved by the FDA, but competing products are not far behind.

Meeting attendees will hear new results with two of these, florbetaben and flutemetamol. Like florbetapir, both are 18F-labeled compounds that bind selectively to beta-amyloid plaques and light up on PET scans.

The florbetaben study abstract indicates that findings on PET scans in near-death patients correlated strongly with their actual plaques measured at autopsy a short time later.

A similar study with flutemetamol came up with similar results, according to its abstract.

In a study with possibly more clinical relevance, flutemetamol binding in the brains of 11 community-dwelling older people with memory loss correlated significantly with their performance on a cognition test.

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