Cops shoot Alzheimer’s man with Tasers

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AN unarmed Alzheimer’s sufferer was repeatedly blasted with Tasers by police when he refused to go into care.

Peter Russell, 59, was shot with the 50,000-volt stun guns during a struggle with SIX cops in front of his distressed wife.

The former farm worker tried to rip out the Taser darts before officers reportedly tied up his arms and legs.

Humberside Police said the controversial electronic weapon was used because Mr Russell refused to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

His wife Diane, 50, slammed cops for using Tasers on her husband and is threatening to launch a formal complaint.

She said her husband was left traumatised by the incident in Epworth, Lincs.

The mum of two added: “There was no need to use the Taser.

“If he was a wife beater or an armed robber then I could understand it but this is someone who will stop his tractor when ploughing a field and move a nest of mice to the side.”

Mrs Russell, who spoke out to prevent other families from going through the same ordeal, said her husband became agitated when police came to assist doctors with his transfer to hospital.

She told The Daily Mail: “He was fighting them off because he didn’t want to go. He was petrified and scared. I remember saying, ‘It’s the Alzheimer’s.’

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