Alzheimer’s association in centralization move

Alzheimer; News from the web:

The Alzheimer’s Association is ┬ámoving to a centralized structure. The now independent chapters can choose to join the centralized organization or stay independent but then loose the Alzheimer’s Associations recognition.

As there is always a balance between local and central control like federal and state authority is always in debate, there will be pros and cons to both models.

We wish all involved wisdom to deal with this.

However looking in the article and the filings with the IRS it did show that the CEO makes over a million dollars a year and a number of VPs over half a million dollar annually. That may be competitive in charity land but it does not sit well with me. (The red cross ceo does not make over 600K, no one in doctors without borders makes over 200K, in the american cancer society a number of folks over 1.5 million dollar and Habitat for Humanity leaders make around 200k or just below)

These are big jobs and should be done by very capable folks but the salaries just don’t look right and I would expect them to have a good salary but lets be realistic and not compete with the commercial world. Anyway, HERE is more on what seems competitive in charity-land.

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